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Best guidelines for triggers of Asthma

Triggers of Asthma online quotes guidelines


triggers of asthma causes for many people can have allergies and not have the underlying dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system. Their allergy manifest itself in nasal congestion, hay fever, and skin problem but not as asthma. On the other hand, in an individual with the underlying lung disorder, allergic reactions can lead to asthma symptoms. If an allergy is the critical trigger for a particular individual’s asthma, the asthma is generally known as extrinsic asthma. If the trigger is not allergy related, the asthma is referred to as intrinsic. It is most common to have a combination of both intrinsic and extrinsic asthma. The reactions that produce asthma appear to result from abnormal reactions to stimuli, both internal and external.

Even though this gets a bit technical, let me explain how the allergens play a role in provoking asthma symptoms. We all ‘produce antibodies that help us prevent and fight disease, specifically, immunoglobin-E or IgE, which wards off parasites, worms, or even cancer. However, IgE can also initiate harmful allergic reactions. The IgE will attack a pollen granule with the Same gusto as if it were attacking a parasite. This only occurs in some people—allergic people—and, in effect, is a mistake on Flee part of the:body. The scenario is as follows: IgE molecules are fixed on mast cells that line the respiratory tract like sentinels guarding the passageway to the lungs. When a parasite enters the respiratory tract, the mast cell-IgE complex attacks it and removes the parasite; however, when a pollen grain enters,the respiratory tract, the same thing happens. “Killing” the pollen is useless and harmful, whereas killing the parasite is beneficial. When the IgE combines with specific allergens, the mast cells release mediators. These mediators are also basically hlelpful except in asthma. They send out messages to the nervoussystem and to the immediate environment that result in Th normal biochemical reactions. For example, one mediator, aistamine, causes an inflammation of the air passages in the lungs as well as increased mucus and mucus plug production. although not generally viewed as a significant culprit, hisamines can work against the asthmatic triggers of asthma.

Other mediators are very important in our asthma story and I will just mention them in passing. Leukotriene LTE4, a chemical formally known as SRS-A, interferes with smooth muscle functioning and causes the air passages to go into spasm. Certainly, you can see that the combination of IgE and LTE4 can give an individual a great deal of trouble. Many other mediators are being investigated to determine their role in triggers of asthma.

much clarity cannot be found when discussing the underlying causes of the disease. The patients I see come to me with a wide variety of theories about what they think causes their asthma. These theories are often based on their own beliefs or those of their family, friends, or well intentioned neighbors.

Some of their hunches are quite accurate. Patients may stress family history, blaming genetics for their triggers of asthma. Some patients stay list environmental factors such as grass, trees, pollen, and ets. Some feel that their asthma is provoked by a variety of )foods. Some attacks occur only after an infection. Others feel that their asthma is caused by physical exertion. All of these factors can indeed play a role in causing asthma symptoms, and I Will elaborate later. Although some patients’ theories are accurate, some of their lunches are not. The cause of asthma is surrounded by several myths. Let us dispel them now.


Some patients believe that their triggers of asthma is psychosomatic. This is just not true. As a matter-of-fact, the report of a purely osychosomatic case of triggers of asthma is so rare, that it would be a case or the medical journals! The myth that stress causes asthma is a tough one to erase. It is reinforced on television, in books, and in movies. When the parents argue and divorce, the child suddenly begins to wheeze. It seems that when the character needs to be portrayed as emotionally weak or traumatized, he becomes asthmatic. The myth lives on!

The fact is, however, that for the vast majority of us, no matter now nervous we get, or how traumatized we are, we will not Become asthmatic. If you do not have the underlying respiratory Disease (which I will describe later), you cannot become asthmatic. Stress does not cause asthma.

However, in an already established asthmatic, stress can sometimes make things worse. More often than not, stress does not act alone, but is just one of many factors triggering the symptoms. Thinking of asthma as a psychosomatic disorder, present only in high strung, neurotic people, is just plain wrong.There is a classic story by a psychiatrist that sepicts the error of viewing asthma as a purely psychological problem. A young woman in the 1940s, broke away from her family to live with her boyfriend. Since the 1940s were definitely not the 1980s, in terms of morality, moving in with her boyfriend was greatly frowned upon, to say the least. Therefore, when the young woman developed asthma symptoms, it was obvious to all of the disapproving, condemning relatives and “friends” that the asthma was a direct result of the great guilt she must have suffered. This was confirmed by the psychiatrists she visited who compared her wheezing to a “crying” out of her innermost emotion. The clincher was that she was only symptomatic at her boyfriend’s apartment. What a perfect example of psychosomatic asthma!

She finally made her way to an astute allergist who did not take very long to uncover the truth. The fact that she was symptom free at home and not at her boyfriend’s was the clue he needed. He found the true culprit. It was not guilt, but feathers! The young woman had a severe allergy to feathers. She had been sleeping with a feather pillow at her boyfriend’s apartment, but At home, she slept on foam. Removing the feathers, removed the symptoms. It is easy to get carried away by myths.

Another myth about asthma that I hear from my patients all the time is that asthma is caused by the geographic locations of their homes. Like hundreds of other asthmatics who have done So, these asthmatics truly believe that they should move to Arizona. They should not! Airborne irritants or certain weather patterns may affect individual asthmatics. As a group, asthmatics appear to have a respiratory system that is “programmed” :co react abnormally to certain environmental stimuli. It may fake some time, but you will begin to react wherever you are, Once you are programmed to react.

The Arizona desert, by the way, has plenty of vegetation and some of the highest pollen counts in the world! The basic problem is that asthma is not precipitated by external factors only. You need not pack your bags!

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